“They Do Anything For Clout.”


Clout is one hell of a drug. Like, the things people will do to get a ounce of clout is outrageous.

You got people changing entirely into a different person to please others and create this false online presence.

I’ve personally seen people change how they talk and wear things they HATE just to get some likes on social media.

People are so pressed to “fit in” that they’ll become friends with people they used to talk about because it’ll look good for their “image”.

Their “fake image” to be exact.

I have a question for those who are itching for clout.

When will you get tired of putting on this fake image?

Because, I know it’s tiring.

Wouldn’t you rather just be yourself and gain attention that way?

If the mass attention of others is so important to you that you’ll die without it, wouldn’t it be easier to get without forcing yourself into some…

You’re forcing yourself to be friends with people you don’t really like, forcing yourself to wear designer that you can’t afford etc..

Like, how do you have all this energy?

It has to be embarrassing at some point.

There’s people who know you in REAL LIFE. They know that’s not the way you act in person.

Clout is crack at this point.

Stay away from that sh*t.

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