Rainy Night Conversations

It’s currently raining hard in Chicago, and as I lay down in my bed, listening to the rain tap my window, I can’t help but to think about my future.

The rain is calming, although the thunder makes you jump back into reality.

However, I can’t stop thinking about my future reality.

I believe that I’m going on the right direction. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m only 23 years old. I should give myself more time to live and improve. I don’t have to have my life all figured out.

It’s okay to explore more and look for opportunities.

I recently got a great opportunity and I couldn’t be any happier.

With or without the support of people who know me, I’m going to make it.

I will do everything I said I would.

I will become the woman I want to be.

I will have a great career, a healthy family and help others.

This might sound lame, but the rain is very soothing. It’s bringing me into this deep thought that I couldn’t help but write about.

I have work in the morning, but knowing that I’m on track to a great life puts me in such a great mood.

Goodnight/Goodmorning to everyone around the world.

Remember that your life is valuable and the world needs you.

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