Here’s Why People Take Advantage Of You.

You’re way too nice.

Here’s the thing, there’s nothing wrong with being nice, but you take that to the extreme.

You are willing to break your neck for others who won’t do the same for you.

You’re easy.

That’s why they keep coming back. You allow people to come in and out of your life whenever they feel like it. So they take advantage of you. You ensure them that “it’s okay” when they ‘apologize’ for not speaking to you for months although they’ve been talking to everyone else.

Meanwhile, your mind is like…


You give into their words. They can easily break you down by telling you how they’d never go that long without checking on you again.

You and your good heart are happy to be in a good space with them again, so you give into their…


You start telling them about your success and your plans, meanwhile they’re praying on your downfall.

Deep down you have a feeling that you’re being used, but you choose to over look that because “they’ve grown”.

A few weeks go by, they’re getting more and more from you… as usual.

You’re helping them get opportunities, trying to help them with careers, loaning them money etc..


And then they do it.


Two months later, still no words.

You’re asking yourself why aren’t you good enough to be their friend, family member etc…


You think about what you’re going to say when they hit you up again.

Only to finally realize, they don’t care like you do.

They don’t have the heart that you do.

They never will.

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