Writing Appreciation

The last weeks of my Senior Year at Saint Xavier University are approaching. 

Although I’m not physically in class anymore because of the virus, I still have a lot of assignments and final projects to do. It’s a little overwhelming since I’ve been doing 10-13 hour shifts at my job as well.

With all of this, I have moment where I second guess myself. I know I will finish the semester strong, and even though graduation has been postponed, I’m still excited for May 9th. 

Yet, for some reason I keep fearing I won’t be as successful as I hope, and I push myself even harder. It’s taking a toll on my body. I’m searching for ways to assure myself that I will be successful as long as I keep pushing, but in a healthy way.

One of those “healthy ways” is writing how I feel.

It’s hard for me to tell people how I feel, so I enjoy writing/ typing them out. There’s also not many people who are willing to listen to them anyway. This is why I enjoy posting/ blogging and I need to do it more often.

I hope everyone is staying safe and at home when possible.

Please, if you do NOT need to be outside, stay home.

Create a blog if you need a way to express your feelings and frustrations when no one wants to listen.

I promise it will help.

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