Morning Positivity

Goodmorning to everyone around the world.

As we go through this difficult time, I would like to spread some positivity.

This virus will not end us.

Yes, it’s more serious than a lot of us thought, but we need to stay focused on how we can slow down the spread.

If your city/state/country is on a lockdown or a “stay at home” order has been set, PLEASE LISTEN.

The only reason I continue to go out is because I work at a grocery store and we have to stay open so people can get food.

Otherwise, I’d be at home.

Soon this will decrease and we’ll be on track to get back to our regular lives.

This is a hard time for everyone.

My graduation has been post poned because of the virus, but I’m tired of being sad.

Everyone is so negative and it’s very draining.

Think of how grateful you are to be alive.

Think of how grateful you are to still have a job, because many people have been laid off.

Think of how great this summer would be if we all listened to authorities right now.

Think positive.

SIDENOTE: I woke up to another followe this morning, making my official number at 55. I’m very excited to know that half of 100 people actually care about what I write/ talk about on my podcast. Thank you!

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