Conversations At Night

Random thought: One thing I noticed about myself is how much I love giving/receiving hugs. I know it might sound weird but it’s one of the physical forms of affection that I enjoy the most.

Not to be dramatic, but my hugs are very welcoming & warm. You can feel how much I care about you through them.

We’re about 8-9 days into the New Year (depending on what part of the world you live in) and so far it hasn’t been as eventful as the beginning of 2019. I’ve just been working and I started writing my third book (first fantasy fiction) DOMINATION.

I start my last semester of college on Monday and I’m nervous. There’s so much I have to prepare for.

But, this is life and honestly we can never fully prepare for it. So many things happen that we least expect (good and bad) but with the right mindset we pull through.

I have a plan that I want to follow, though.

I invested in new production equipment and I have a few ideas in mind.

SIDENOTE: I am obsessed with plays/musicals so if you know any good ones playing in Chicago this year PLEASE comment. I would love to hear about them.

Release positive energy into the world. It’ll make life better.

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