Conversations At Night/PODCAST

Let us all rejoice as the end of the semester is approaching.

I just finished my last major assignment for the Fall semester of my senior year and let me say this,


This semester has been the most stressful semester EVER. I cannot count how many 8+ paged papers and group presentations I’ve had. Every time I thought I was done with papers, more were assigned.

Literally, my head was about to explode.

But the good thing is, it’s all finished.

Now I have to wait for final grades, as I pull out my secret strands of grey hair.

On a good note, I just released my introduction episode for my podcast “A Real One” where I introduced my imperfect self to the world. I was very nervous recording so if you listen, don’t clock me too much.

As of right now, it’s available on Apple Podcast and Spotify but I’m waiting to hear back from iHeartRadio and Pandora.

Take a listen

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