Cruisin’: Motivation Island

We’ve all been motivated by something or someone to change our lives or to simply be a better person. Have you ever thought about the process of motivation? Or even how effective or ineffective some motivation messages have been?

By now you should already know what this blog is going to be about.

The question of the day is…

Drumroll please..


How can you tell if a motivational message is effective or ineffective?

Let’s take a cruise to Motivation Island.

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Effective Motivational Messages

A motivational message is effective when it inspires you to change or help something. It uses a combination of pathos and ethos that relates to the receiver in a way that boosts their confidence and drive (drive-reduction). For example, I’m sure by now we’ve all watched My 600lbs Life, whether it was a small clip or an entire episode, and noticed that they are all there for the same obvious reason. They are tired of the unhealthy lifestyle they have and see how it is effecting their family. The people hear speeches from their families begging them to change (sentimental speeches) and most start changing for the better.

Watch this motivational video of the women who lost 500lbs+ each.

Ineffective Motivational Messages

Have you ever tried to make someone feel better, but ended up making them feel even worse? This is somewhat like a ineffective motivational message. You’re intentions are in the right place; however, you’re not pulling on the heartstrings of the recipient therefore the message has no effect. We see ineffective motivational messages all the time in our everyday lives.  People often relate the topic to ineffective communication.  These type of motivational messages aren’t used often, for obvious reasons, but we can still see some in certain advertisements and on social media.

Can you think of any motivational messages that you’ve heard in your life that was either effective or ineffective?

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