Three’s Company: Polygamy Relationships

Question Of The Day:

Why is it okay for two women to be in a relationship with one man, but not okay for two men to be in a relationship with one woman?

I just want to start off by saying, the sh*t is nasty, but who am I to judge.

I’ve always been skeptic about talking about polygamous relationships because I don’t believe in them. I feel like it’s just an excuse to be with two or more men/women at once without being criticized by society. (Although polygamy relationships are still criticized)

I’ve even asked a few of my peers how they felt about the topic and they all agreed that it’s simply weird.

However, one of my peers stated,

It’s weird, but two women and a man makes more sense than two men and a woman.

After being appalled by this comment, I realized that this is a statement that society has placed in our minds. Some of us, at an early age, learned that the women who were spontaneous are called ‘h*es’ while the men who were spontaneous are called playas

None of it makes sense, period.

But, why is it okay when it’s two women and one man?

I’ve searched for the answer of this question, but honestly, none changed my mind.

Here are two points and my response to them.

Point #1: Women catch feelings too fast, they’ll be in love with both men.

Women do catch feelings faster than men, but this can be in both situations. The two women with one man would do the same.  Make it make sense.

Point #2: A woman could get pregnant, not knowing which is the father.

I guess, with this point, they were trying to say that at least in this situation, the women would know who the Father is. This point still doesn’t make sense.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Comment! I would love to know.

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