Are You Dumb?: “He knows where home is.”

It don’t matter, he only with you for the moment. He always come back to me.

I didn’t want to make a post about this; however, I heard the dumbest conversation on my way to campus this morning.

I want to start with the quote “He knows where home is”, apparently ‘he’ doesn’t because he’s in everyone’s house.

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Who is ‘he’?

Well, I don’t know the person, but by the conversation I heard, this woman was talking to her friend on the phone about her “SiTuAtIoNsHiP”. 


Before I get into the story, let me answer the question some of you may be thinking.


First of all, watch your tone. (insider, sorry I’m lame)

I promise, I wasn’t trying to hear her conversation. I even put my headphones in and listened to music, but she was so loud. I still heard her just like everyone else who was around.

As I stated before, I wasn’t going to write about it at first. But, that quote is a common one used by many different women. When I say different, I don’t mean “Wow, you’re not like the rest.”

I mean those women who obviously haven’t figured out their worth yet and is okay with the continuation of disrespect by their *other.

*That’s not your man if he’s for everybody, same with women.

*This is not a post to bash men. Shout out to the good men in the world, you’re highly appreciated.

Back to the story…

This woman, who is gorgeous by the way, told her friend that her ‘guy’ has been *messing with shay again.

*This word can be used in many different terms, but from my interpretation, he’s either hanging with this woman or sleeping with her AGAIN.

*Shay is the nickname I’m going to give the woman she’s talking about. Yes, I heard the woman’s real name. No, I will not say it.

So, this clearly isn’t the first time the woman’s guy has been in Shay’s house.

Apparently, the woman and her guy have an on and off type of thing, which is why I called it a situationship.

She told her friend that she called Shay once she found out they were still talking to each other. Shay called her stupid and said her guy be talking about her when they’re together. Eventually, they were arguing about the guy and threatened to beat each other’s asses.

Ya know, the usual.

The woman claims she told Shay…

You not important to him b*tch, he don’t even know your last name. You never even met his mama, sis. Like, you just a “right now” type of b*tch. We was just with each other on 69th last week. He comin’ over tonight.

I’m just sitting there like….

dumb bih..

I’m not just calling the woman dumb, but I’m calling Shay dumb too. This man is obviously playing the both of them and instead of being mad at him and leaving, they’re mad at each other.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE (head ass)…

The woman told her friend that after she hung up on Shay, she called her guy and cursed him out as well.

Stop playin’ with me like I’m a goofy or sumn. I’m not these other b*tches, all I gotta do is make a status saying I’m single G and sh*t gone be over for you, period. Hella dudes in my inbox got more money than you, shorty. I’ll expose yo ass, on bro.

*This is the exact way she said it. Chicago Lingo.

Yeah, this will definitely make him be faithful for sure.


I don’t know if this is something she should learn on her own or if her Mother should’ve taught her this, but let him go, sis.

Life is too short to continue to be disrespected by someone who obviously doesn’t care. Find someone else. 


For the love of God…

I promise you can find someone better. This goes for men in the same situation as well.

What are your views on this type of situation?

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