Well hello, February!

I’s officially the first day of a new month.

Even though February is the shortest month, it happens to be one of my favorite months for a plethora of reasons. 

1. It’s my Mother’s birthday month.

I have a close relationship with my Mother and sister. She’s very special to us and we value every day that she’s here with us on earth. That’s why we get excited when her birthday comes around. We plan on surprising her with some of her favorite items and much more.

SN: Mom, if you’re reading this close your eyes. 🙂 

2. It’s Black History Month! I feel like Black History should be celebrated all year-long, but while we have an entire month to celebrate it,  why not make it a great one. I plan on watching a few documentaries on African-American inventors and activists whenever I have free time.

3. It’s the month of L O V E! Valentine’s Day is approaching very fast and social media is in a frenzy. I was never big on celebrating Valentine’s Day even though I always receive gifts. I just feel like why only show your appreciation to the person you love on one day? If you really love and value your significant other, celebrate them and show your appreciation everyday. 

SN: You don’t always have to buy someone gifts to show them that you love them.

SN Part 2: If your significant other loves to read, I recommend buying them my books “The Dark Side of The Rose” & “Delicate” available on amazon! The e-book versions for both are only $2.99 and the paperback versions are $6.99

Do you guys love February? How do you plan on using this month towards your dreams? Comment, I would love to know 🙂

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