Dear Writing, I Love You!

It’s almost been a year since I’ve started my blog on WordPress and I’m honestly impressed with the outcome.

Not only is WordPress a great website for personal and professional use, but it’s also great for those who love to write as much as I do.


SN: If you’re debating about starting a blog, just do it. If writing is your passion, I promise you, WordPress is the best website to get started.

Even if you only want to use WordPress for professional endeavors , you can create an online store without all the difficultly or a great website for your business.


Back to our regularly scheduled program…

If you’ve been following my blog from the beginning, you’d know this is my third post about how much I love to write. I can’t help it, writing exposes who I really am. It brings out all of my creativity and allows my mind to be open to all types of new experiences.

That may sound like a bit much and a tad bit dramatic, but I promise it’s the truth.

As soon as my pen touches paper, it’s like my imagination can’t be stopped.

Now there are times where I feel stuck. It’s only when I over think about what I want to write.

When I just write whatever comes to my mind, It actually turns out good.

Being 22 years old, I expect to write now more than I’ve ever did. Especially since one of my goals on my dream board for 2019 is to get my book turned into a Netflix Original Movie (my dreams aren’t your normal dreams).

This blog has helped me through a lot. I went through one of the toughest times of my life in 2018 and I was able to write my thoughts out and share it through my website.


I got over 214 likes combined on my posts and that really made me happy.

Cheers to many more blog posts and how much I love to write! 🎉

3 thoughts on “Dear Writing, I Love You!

  1. Lashaunta Well Done

    For me writing has many different meanings and expressionism .

    Sometimes I let my hand flow with precision of my twisted imagination into binding together as one complete entity of cerebral conviction.




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