Christmas Countdown!

Christmas is literally five days away, so let the countdown begin.

SIDENOTE: My birthday is 7 days away, FYI πŸ’™.

But anyways, this Christmas is going to be a very special one for my family and I because of all the things we’ve been through this year. We’re grateful for every Christmas we’ve lived to see, but this one means a lot.

It’s not about the gifts or the food, although the food is amazing, it’s about spending time with each other and being happy.

I know what you’re thinking, that’s very cliche right? It doesn’t hurt to actually be that way though.

ANOTHER SIDENOTE: The semester is over but final grades were put in last weekend. I got all A’s this semester for the first time ever. I worked extremely hard for it and I definitely deserve it. Congratulations to everyone graduating this semester!!

I’ve never wanted anything big for Christmas or my Birthday. It’s always been the thought that counts for me. I’m grateful that people even took the time out to spend their own money on me because nobody is obligated to do that.

Are y’all excited for Christmas? Or as you got older, it doesn’t feel the same?

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