Yesterday I did my third show of Hip-Pop With Dj Dreamie and honestly I think I’m getting better. For this show, I decided to say everything off the top of my head. I usually write everything down beforehand and read off the paper, but I wanted to do things differently yesterday.

If you want to listen to my show, as well as the other shows, you can turn your radios to WXAV 88.3FM. If you’re not in Chicago, you can go online to My show is every Friday from 11-12pm until the spring semester. That’s when I can have my full two-hour show and the day might change.

I’m having so much fun at the radio station and I’m learning so much more about the media industry. Hopefully when I graduate, I can find a radio job and expand into television, film, advertisements, and of course, writing more books.

SIDENOTE: If you didn’t know, I wrote a short urban fiction called, “The Dark Side Of The Rose” and it’s available on Amazon!

Here’s my YouTube video of my show! 🙂

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