Literally, My Life.


I am in love with writing.

If, you follow my blog, you probably remember seeing one of my Conversations At Night post about the topic.

If not, here it is ( Conversations At Night ).

Writing is my life, literally.

I’m able to non verbally say how I feel without feeling incomplete. I can sit at a desk for hours and write a story, a script, a blog post, anything. 

Writing is really therapeutic for me and it calms me down during my darkest moments. When I write, I don’t have to explain what’s in my mind. It all flows out.

When my ball point pin hits the loose leaf paper, it’s a feeling of relief that leaves my body. 

It’s soothing and it allows me to be who I am, nothing less.

I love writing so much that I grew the courage to write a short urban fiction story and sell it on Amazon. It’s called “The Dark Side of The Rose” and I’m so proud of myself.

What is something you love to do that makes you feel relieved?

Here’s a preview of my Book.

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