I’m Tired.

Literally, the only words that can describe me right now is “I’m Tired.”

I had a presentation today in my critical television class and I have another one Thursday in my philosophy class. 

Not to mention, I have more presentations, exams, and essays (textual analysis, communication research paper etc) all due in the next three weeks.

Now, three weeks used to seem like a long time when I was younger, but now that I’m a college student, it literally seems like three days.

My eyeballs literally feel like they’re about to pop out of my eye sockets.

I’m pretty dramatic.

I’m so tired.

I know, I should stop complaining because that never solves anything. 

SN: I notice that I say literally a lot. Is that a bad thing?

Well, my bags under my eyes and I have to continue to do these assignments because I want to succeed in life :'( .

Why couldn’t I be rich and educated already?

I guess life wants to stress me out first.

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