Uh Oh, Back Again?: Crazy Exes

Surprise, b*tch. I’m back in your life.

Crazy exes are a ‘thing’ in this generation and everybody wants to have one.

But why?

Let’s start by describing what a crazy ex is.

  1. A person who constantly contacts you whether you respond or not.
  2. A person who shows up to every event you’re invited to.
  3. A person who threatens your new love interest.
  4. A person who threatens you if you try to cut them off completely.

Sounds chilling right?

So what’s all the hype about wanting a crazy ex?

Is it the thrill of having someone who’ll go through all types of dangers just to be with you?

B*tch, I’ll kill you if you ever try to leave me.

Those are the type of messages this generation find pleasure in seeing, but I don’t get it.

Maybe its romantic to some people but for me, issa no.

Whatever floats your boat, though.

I could be thinking too much into this, but I feel like this should be taken seriously.

There are many people in this world who are actually about what they say, meaning their actions really do speak louder than their words.

What do you think?

Is this simply just a form of romanticism for this generation or is there a bigger problem?

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