When I dream, I dream B I G. My future and success is on my mind 24/7. The day I can buy my mom her dream house is the day I can finally say…. DRUMROLL PLEASE… I MADE IT. I’m definitely working hard to reach every goal I set for myself. I know a lot of […]

I may be a tad bit sensitive, but when I feel left out, it sucks. I know many people might feel like “it’s not that serious” or ” you’re doing too much” but you can’t help the way that you feel.  Especially when I’m always considerate of people’s feelings. You should always try to include […]

  I am in love with writing. If, you follow my blog, you probably remember seeing one of my Conversations At Night post about the topic. If not, here it is ( Conversations At Night ). Writing is my life, literally. I’m able to non verbally say how I feel without feeling incomplete. I can sit at […]

Literally, the only words that can describe me right now is “I’m Tired.” I had a presentation today in my critical television class and I have another one Thursday in my philosophy class.  Not to mention, I have more presentations, exams, and essays (textual analysis, communication research paper etc) all due in the next three […]

It’s definitely starting to feel like fall, actually like winter. It was about 25 degrees here today and it feels even colder now at night. So how am I spending my cold Saturday night? Tucked in my bed with my favorite quilt wrapped around me, of course. Oh, and my favorite snacks. I’ve been watching […]

Surprise, b*tch. I’m back in your life. Crazy exes are a ‘thing’ in this generation and everybody wants to have one. But why? Let’s start by describing what a crazy ex is. A person who constantly contacts you whether you respond or not. A person who shows up to every event you’re invited to. A […]