Tuesday Conversations!

Hey guys! School has been kicking my ass a little bit but I’m doing well. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are always my busy days.

I have three classes, but I have a hour and thirty minutes in between them.

Of course, I use that time to do homework because when I get home, I dedicate my time to food and Netflix. (No, I don’t live on campus. I’m a commuter student).

I just got out of my philosophy class, the examined life, and I decided to use this time to make a blog post.

I’m sorry for neglecting y’all!

But, I will be back making posts constantly.

It’s my junior year and I’m a transfer student so it’s taking me a little more time to adapt to my new school.

But, I really love SXU. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming,

SN: I’M ALMOST AT 30 FOLLOWERS!! I am so happy! Thank you to everyone who follows my blog.

This is something I’ve always wanted to do but I was scared no one would understand my weirdness, but you guys do!

What is something you’ve always wanted to do? Comment below!

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