Rainy Day Conversations!

Happy Labor Day guys!! It has been raining almost all day so I thought it would be perfect to do a “Rainy Day Conversations” post.

Today’s topic is….drum roll please… RAIN! I know what you’re thinking:

Why rain out of all things?

Well, the rain makes me feel so peaceful. I love the cool breeze that comes with it.

When it rains, I get extremely comfortable and I think about the positive side of my life.

I stress a lot but when it rains, for some reason, my body isn’t as tense as before. I can finally take deep breathes and tell myself that life will get better eventually.

Some people may see this as overthinking, and to some extinct it may be, but it really takes a lot of weight off of my shoulders.

SN: I’ve always wanted to run in the rain with my sister and today we did. It felt so good. I started sneezing uncontrollably though but it was worth it.

How do you feel when it rain?

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