Conversations At Night

Heyyyy Imperfect Crew!! As you can see by the title, this is another “Conversations At Night” post because they’re my fave!

Tonight’s topic is going to be…drumroll please… love 💜

To be able to give love to someone is such a beautiful feeling to me. I could be over thinking but hey, what’s better than over thinking at night?

I believe everyone should protect their love like Mr.Krabs protects his money. Love is valuable and although everyone needs love, some people don’t deserve YOUR love.

Make sense right? Eh, it’s a little complicated but it’s something we all need to learn because there are people who would use you because they have your love.

So let’s spread all the love that we can but remember, it’s okay to not give your love to someone who takes advantage of you.

SN: I over think at night guys. I think about the craziest shit and rant but it’s all out of love.

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I will post my very first video soon.

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