Conversations Before Dinner!

Hey Imperfect Crew!! I’m back with another “Conversations Before Dinner” blog post! This is one of my favorite posts along with “Conversations At Night”.

I’m being lazy and I’m eating a pizza puff for dinner. I’m aware that it’s not the healthiest food choice (actually junk food) but I have orange juice so maybe that’ll balance it (it won’t).

What are you having for dinner?

The topic for this post is…. drumroll please… love.

Love is great, it’s an emotion that can bring the best moments in life but also the worst.

When I love someone, I tend to love them to the fullest extent possible. I put my trust in them and I make sure I pray for them every night.

This world is full of hate and it over shadows the good (love). But, I believe we can erase that narrative. If we actually tried, I think this world can be a loving place and everyone would feel like they belong here.

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