Conversations At Night

Hey Imperfect Crew! I really enjoy making my ‘Conversations At Night’ blog posts because I tend to over think a lot when it gets dark and I love typing my feelings out (if that makes sense).

I love knowing that someone in this crazy world relates to me, whether it’s through a comment or like.

Tonight’s topic is… drumroll please… over-thinkers.

I am definitely an over thinker. Like seriously, if you say something to me in the morning, I will still be thinking about it at night.

It’s like I break down situations and words that are said to me, into groups. From there, I try to break them down even more.

See? I’m over thinking about being an over thinker, geez.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and because I’m an over thinker I try to find out that specific reason.

Which most of the time, I don’t and it drives me insane.

Are you an over thinker? Comment below what makes you over think!

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