Morning Thoughts!

Hey Imperfect Crew! It’s currently 11:00am here and I woke up with some interesting thoughts that I’d like to share with my crew!

1st thought: I’m glad the Summer is almost over.

I know what you’re thinking, “who in their right minds would be happy to go back to school”, well I guess I’m not in my right mind then because I’m counting the days down.

I’ll be a junior at Saint Xavier University at the end of August and I’m super eager to get started. I went to community college first and got my Associates in Arts in May. I’m really excited to see how things will go.

2nd thought: I’m super hungry.

Well, that’s my daily morning thought (seriously laughing out loud) I’m always extremely hungry when I wake up. It’s like food calls my name while I’m sleep.

There you guys have it! Those are my morning thoughts. Make sure you comment and share your thoughts with me!

Also, I’m an Author now! My book “The Dark Side Of The Rose” is now available on Amazon in ebook and paperback format! Make sure you go get your copy!

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