You Get What You Give

I’ve noticed that the energy you put out into the world is what you receive. If you’re a negative human being, don’t think  positive energy and blessings are coming your way.

Most people are probably thinking, “Why are you just now noticing that?”. Well in all honesty, I was one of those negative people. I used to spread negative energy then complain about how nothing good was happening to me.

In order for me to realize that I was negative, I did a lot of self-examination.

the study of one’s own behavior and motivations.
I never used to listen to the opposing side of disagreements. I thought everything that I said was right. You can’t be a positive person and think like that. It’s okay to be wrong sometimes, it helps you grow and you learn from your mistakes.
I’ve been blessed a lot since I decided to improve.
However, don’t change because you want to be blessed. It should be a genuine change that you’ll benefit from mentally.

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