Verbally Abusive Parents

I’ve noticed that a lot of children are verbally abused by their parents more than anybody. 

And it really makes me sad.

Parents are supposed to love and protect their children from all of the hate in the world we live in. They’re supposed to be the first ones children can depend on to uplift their spirits during their darkest times. 

There are parents in this world that repeatedly tell their child how ‘stupid’ they are, but never told them ‘I’m proud of you’.

These type of parents are extremely toxic and jeopardize their children’s future and communication skills.

There’s a difference between yelling at your child for doing something wrong and calling them names.

Some parents clearly have the two confused because they think it’s apart of their  ‘good parenting skills’ or it’s the way they grew up so they do the same to their children.

Verbally abusive parents can start changing by admitting their wrongs. Once they can admit that they’re abusive, they can take the next steps to provide the love their children need. A family therapist would be best in these situations because the child would get the help he/she needs as well as the abuser/parent.

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