Behind The Mask: Makeup

That sh*t not the real you. You covering your face to look like somebody you’re not.

Recently, I wrote a blog about makeup and why I thought people should be able to put whatever they want on their faces. ( Reality 101: Makeup ) As I scrolled down my social media pages, I see that most men prefer that women don’t wear makeup and I wanted to see what the problem is.

I decided to ask my cousin, a male who is totally against makeup, why he hates it so much. He began to say that women who wear makeup look completely different when they take it off. 

This is something most men say as well. I wear makeup and I look exactly the same when I take it off. I told him that makeup is an art and it brings out the confidence that every woman already have. He then stated, 

See, that’s the problem. If you have confidence with it on then when you take it off it’ll be gone. So that’s stupid.

He clearly misunderstood what I said. Women already have confidence, even if some think they don’t. I believe makeup helps bring that confidence to the surface and that’s why we like wearing it. It’s also fun to beat your face and it brings out a lot of creativity.

I asked the same question again, “Why do you hate makeup?”. He stated,

Cause that sh*t is deceiving. Ya’ll see the real us. Why we can’t see the real y’all”

So men can’t see the real us because we wear makeup? That’s stupid. We don’t wear it everyday, we take it off when we go to bed and other places. Makeup doesn’t define the real us neither does it change who we are. Our personalities and characters stay the same with and without makeup.

Men, makeup is here to stay. Stop looking at appearances so much and start paying attention to personalities. A woman wearing makeup should be the least of your worries.

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