This August, I will be starting my junior year in college. THANK GOD. One more year left and I am done. I got my Associates Degree in May, and it took a lot of work to keep a 3.6 GPA. Now that I’ll be a junior it’s going to take even more hard work but I’m going to share some of my college secrets with you via textbooks edition.

During my freshman year, I spent $600 on TWO books. They were brand new books that I bought before the classes began, which was a bad choice. One of the classes got cancelled and I couldn’t get my money back for the book. In the other class, we didn’t even need the book. So I recommend not buying the book before the class begins.

I was happy once I found out that I could sell the books back to the college but that quickly went away once I seen how much they were ‘worth’.


Both books were only worth a total of $25. I WAS PISSED but I took the money anyway because the books were useless now that the classes were over. 


The next semester I decided not to be a dumb ass and pay full price for a book that I’ll only need for one semester. I started buying used books, which were like 30%-60% off of the original price. I spent a total of $375 for 3 books.


I’m a very cheap person, something I need to work on, so I kept looking for cheaper ways to get books. I began to rent my books from and for 70%-85% off the original price. All you have to do is send the books back before the due date. The websites even pay the shipping and handling fee for you to send the book back. But, I also wanted a paperless option. That’s when I started buying ebooks. They’re digital versions of the original copies of the textbooks without all of the paper. One semester I got 7 books for $200.

Hopefully this helps you as much as it helped me. Saving money is always a good thing, especially for a college student. 

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