“Go back to the cheater”

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on social media about how women should support their friend’s decision to get back in a relationship with a guy that cheated on her. 


This was my exact face reading the post, y’all. You can’t tell people what to do but WHY WOULD YOU SUPPORT THIS? What type of friend would think it’s okay to support their friend’s decision to go back with someone who cheated on them?

I fully understand that people make mistakes, but look, cheating is a choice in my opinion. You chose to do everything that broke the relationship. You were also fully aware of the pain that cheating would cause towards your spouse.

The post stated, and I quote…

I would never call my friend stupid for getting back with a cheater. I would support her and be there for her when it happens again.


tenor (1)

So you mean to tell me, you know it’s going to happen again but you’re going to support it any way? 

Be honest with your friend. Tell her, or him because women cheat too, what you really think of the decision. They don’t have to listen because it’s their lives and they can do what they want, but at least they’ll know the truth.

If the relationship goes bad again, let her know she/he deserves better.

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