Relationships: Love Has No Color

People should be able to date whoever they feel like it. The race of their spouse shouldn’t matter as long as they are happy and in love. It’s crazy how when biracial couples are seen outside, people stare at them as if they’re crazy.

Some people go as far as taunting the couple or trying to fight them because they believe they shouldn’t be together because of the color of their skin.

For example, I was walking downtown with my mom and sister for some family time and we seen this biracial couple holding hands and laughing. The man was white and the woman was black. They were so happy and carefree, showing their love for each other no matter how people looked at them.

However, this group of people in a car driving past called the woman out of her name and told her, “He can’t love you like a black man can.”

Honestly, I was so upset for the couple. Love has no color. It can come from any race and if someone happens to find love in a different race, they should be allowed to live their lives happily. The couple was appalled by the comments, but they kept holding hands and smiling.

It’s 2018 people. Let’s stop trying to tell people what to do with their lives. Let them love whoever they want. It’s not going to hurt anyone, I promise.

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