Roles Reversed: Chores

Is it okay for a male to do laundry and cook while a woman takes out the trash and clean the gutters? Most people would say no because cleaning is a woman’s job and taking out the trash is a mans job. But, why? Is it because we were taught this at an early age?

When we’re young, our parents teach us that boys are supposed to do all of the handy work, hints the word “handyman” and women are usually the ones who do laundry and cook the meals. So what happens if those roles are reversed?

Imagine a man in a kitchen with an apron on, cooking dinner for his family while the woman is mowing the lawn. Most people would look at this family like they’re crazy. They’d think the man was wrong for letting the woman mow the lawn while he’s home.

When will these gender roles for chores vanish? We should be able to clean what we want no matter what gender we are. If you’re a man and you want to cook, go ahead. If you’re a woman and you want to mow a lawn, go ahead.

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