Gender Inequality: Bosses At Work

Have you ever noticed how men and women are treated differently at work? Oh boy, well I have. Men and women are supposed to be treated equally but it seems as if men get more respect as bosses than women. Workers tend to listen to the commands of men bosses and brush off what women bosses say. Is it because women are seen as weak human beings who let their emotions get in the way of being feared? Or is it because men are seen as dominate and controlling human beings who can get things in order in no time?

As you may know, women are demanding to be respected just like men now. They’re telling people how they want things done, how much salary they deserve, and what not to do around them in the workplace. People now call this new demand for respect ” Bossy”. Some even say it’s not ladylike for a woman to demand anything.

It’s bossy when a woman does it but it’s respectable when a man does the exact same thing. See the problem here?

There are women who are more qualified for upscale job positions but because they’re women, they don’t get offered the position.

Let’s stop the gender inequality completely. Whether your boss is a woman or man, show them the same respect you’d want.


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