Roles Reversed: ‘Stay At Home’ Men

When is it okay for a woman to be the bread-winner and the man stays at home to cook and clean? In today’s society, women are becoming more independent and some are making more money than men. Believe it or not, there are women who are the bread-winner in their relationships. They work while their men clean, do laundry, and cook. However, society doesn’t find this acceptable. Some people say that it’s a mans job to work and bring home the money. Society will call the men lazy, pathetic and claim that they’re using the woman for a place to stay.

“A real man wouldn’t allow a woman to work while he does nothing and lives off of her.” That’s a quote I hear a lot from both women and men but will ‘Stay At Home’ men ever become accepted like ‘Stay At Home’ women? Is it because men are seen as hardcore workers and women are seen as emotional creatures who are offended by everything? An older woman once told me, ‘Stay At Home’ men deserve the same respect as stay at home women. This doesn’t mean it’s okay for a man to do nothing while the woman works hard. This means that as long as the man is cleaning, taking care of the children, and cooking it should be no problem. However, an older man told me that ‘Stay At Home’ men are pathetic because he believes it’s a man’s job to take care of the household financially.

Whatever side you’re on, understand that people go through different circumstances and whatever works for their relationship might not work for yours.

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