Star on FOX Season Finale

Spoiler Alert : If you haven’t seen the finale, watch it before reading this post.

I hope y’all wigs were secured last night while watching Star’s Season Finale on Fox because mines was definitely blown away and never returned. The season finale was full of “Oh Sh*ts” and jaw dropping moments. Carlotta finally found out her sister killed Jahil and all hell broke loose. But let’s start from the beginning of the episode.

Take 3 were super excited about their upcoming album and tour which was set to release in 30 days. Then all of a sudden, they hear Star’s diss record on the radio, “There For You”, and that’s when part of my wig shifted. Alex didn’t think twice about putting the paws on Star and they ended up rambling. And this was the first of two fights between Alex and Star in the episode. Angel gave Simone the bad news about his deportation and of course it broke her. Star’s diss record was starting to take off, it got 7 million downloads and at the end of Take 3’s performance the crowd chanted the lyrics. This made Star a little big-headed and she thanked the audience. Alex went bizarre and they started rambling once again. The label wanted Star to be a solo performance on the tour and of course the girls wasn’t happy about that.

Meanwhile, Noah was back on drugs and addicted to alcohol. Every time I seen him with liquor I wanted to go in my TV and drag him.

Ayanna got shot in the stomach and confessed to Carlotta that she was pregnant with Jahil’s baby. I honestly though Carlotta was about to let her die but she saved her and appointed Carlotta as CEO of the company.

Alex talked to Derek about her problems and she told him she was going to New York to visit her dad.

Fast forward to the end: Alex got on a plane to New York, Derek tried to go after her and called her his girl, Carlotta and her sister pulled guns out on each other and somebody got shot, Simone went with Angel, Star was on tour but miserable, Noah was about to jump off a building, and one of the planes crashed.


I am eager for next season which will start back in the fall.

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